Clayton Taylor Wood is the author of two epic fantasy series, the Runic series and the Fate of Legends series. Scroll down to read more about them, or to buy them on Amazon!

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My books on Goodreads
Runic Awakening Runic Awakening (Book 1)
reviews: 10
ratings: 172 (avg rating 4.22)
Runic Revelation Runic Revelation (Book 2)
ratings: 90 (avg rating 4.41)

Runic Vengeance Runic Vengeance (Book 3)
ratings: 24 (avg rating 4.46)

The Fate of Legends Series

The Fate of Legends series is a contemporary adult epic fantasy series set in a world where everything about a person - their looks, their personality, their skills - is contagious. In a world where you can absorb the traits and skills of history's most powerful men and women, a hunter of Legends will become the most powerful of all!

Book 1 Excerpt -- Book 2 Excerpt

Book 1 - Hunter of Legends

Eight years ago, Hunter’s mother died, and his life was destroyed.

Now, with an alcoholic father and no future, Hunter watches as his friends get ready for college, knowing that he will not be joining them. Half-black, half-white, he is a product of two cultures but belongs in neither of them, the target of bullying and racism.

Then his father reveals that his mother may not have died after all – that she was pulled into a mysterious portal while studying an ancient artifact – and that his father had stayed behind to care for Hunter.

Now Hunter is determined to go after his mother, to enter the portal and bring her back. It is the start of an epic, action-packed adventure that will change his life forever…or end it once and for all!

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Book 2 - Seeker of Legends

Writing in progress! Due March 2018.

Book 2 Progress

The Runic Series

The Runic series is a contemporary epic fantasy series set in the world of Doma, where magical engineers called Runics create machines of enormous power. They are equaled only by the Weavers, who can manipulate the very fabric of the universe with their minds.

All three books are available for purchase on Kindle below. Or get them free on Kindle Unlimited!

Book 1 Excerpt -- Book 2 Excerpt -- Book 3 Excerpt -- Book 4 Excerpt


Book 1 - Runic Awakening

Torn from his home on Earth by an unknown power, Kyle finds himself stranded on a strange world. A world where magical engineers called Runics have created the Empire, the greatest civilization ever known.

Taken under the wing of a wealthy politician named Kalibar, Kyle is thrust into a dark conspiracy to overthrow the Empire...and murder Kalibar. Hunted by a sadistic undead overlord called the Dead Man, Kyle must learn to master the power of magical runes to keep Kalibar alive...and to save Ariana, a brave, mysterious girl whose powers the Dead Man plans to exploit.

If Kyle fails, the Empire will fall...and he'll be trapped in this strange world forever!

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Book 2 - Runic Revelation

A week has passed since the Empire was nearly destroyed by the dark god Xanos. Now the leader of the most powerful government in the world, Kalibar must protect his people against Xanos’s undead army. But when an assassin nearly succeeds in murdering Kalibar, he realizes that the Empire stands little chance against Xanos’s enormous power.

With terrorists attacking the city and systematically murdering members of the highest levels of government, Kalibar must find a way to protect his country – and his new family – from an enemy he cannot begin to understand. If he fails, the Empire will be utterly destroyed…and millions of innocent people will perish!

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Book 3 - Runic Vengeance

Having barely survived the dark god Xanos’s devastating attack on the Empire, Grand Weaver Kalibar knows all too well that another assault is coming...and that this time, the Empire will not survive. Now he is forced to make a terrible decision...does he surrender to Xanos, enslaving his people to the will of the dark god? Or will he fight one last time, risking the annihilation of his people...and the death of his children?

Unknown to Kalibar, the mysterious immortal known as Ampir has given Kyle a that just might be able to destroy Xanos once and for all. But there’s a catch...Kyle must sacrifice his own life to use it. Now he must make a terrible decision...sacrifice himself to save his family, or take Ampir’s offer to return to his home on Earth, never to return again!

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Book 4 - Runic Revolution

Should be available by summer of 2018!

Book 4 Progress