Bookdaily Promotion

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I tried to help promote Runic Awakening. BookDaily has a website where they feature your book for free, allowing people to read a sample of it and purchase it by clicking a link to Amazon or other online book stores. They also have a paid promotion for about $50 per month, where they email an excerpt of your book to their readership. They offer statistics on the promotion; the details of my promotion for November were:

  • 46,698 emails sent to their readers promoting my book. 
  • Of those, 1,305 emails were opened by their readers. 
  • Also, 103 readers read my excerpt on the BookDaily site (part of free promotion). 

That means about 2.8% of BookDaily's readership actually opened the excerpt email. This seems like an awfully low percentage. But what about sales, you ask?

Well, looking back at Amazon's sales dashboard, the days where the BookDaily email excerpts were read - all 1,305 of them - showed lower than normal sales. Meaning the promotion had no appreciable effect on sales.

I've since cancelled any further promotion with BookDaily. While I can't say how effective the site is for other authors, it definitely was not effective for me.