Call to Action!

I've been having issues with in-text images on Amazon KDP for Runic Revelation. I have four jpg's in the middle of the book. They showed up on the KDP previewer and in the HTML and MOBI files I tested. So naturally I published the book. Imagine my surprise when I tested the book on my Samsung Galaxy 6 Kindle app, and found that the images didn't show up!

After a bit of research, I realized that I must not have inserted the images into my docx document...I had copy-pasted them. So I inserted them and tried again...with some success. This time, the images showed up on my Kindle reader, but not on my Samsung Kindle app. I've tried just about everything, but they still don't show up. Quite frustrating!

At this point, I put a link to an email address on my Amazon description page for the book in a call to action for my readers to let me know if they're having issues with images not showing up. If I can't fix this in a reasonable time-frame, I may have to remove the images altogether. They're not essential to the book, but I do use images quite a bit in the third book, so it would be advantageous for me to find a solution.

If anyone has an issue with the images in Book 2, please email me at