The Runic Series Audiobooks

I've decided to publish audiobooks through Amazon's ACX site. ACX offers authors the ability to submit the books so that voice actors can read a sample of the text to audition for the role of narrator.

After you choose a narrator, you submit an offer to them. There are two basic options: offer 50% of your royalties to the narrator, or pay an amount per finished hour of work and keep your share of the royalties. I chose the second option. You can also choose whether or not to give ACX exclusive rights to your audiobook, in return for a greater percentage of the royalty. If you give ACX exclusive rights, it publishes to Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and wherever else it wants.

I found ACX easy to use, and got a little over 60 auditions in a matter of a week. I think I've found my narrator, and am excited to start development on the audiobook for Runic Awakening! I'll be using the same narrator for the second and third books as well. I suspect that the audiobook for the first book will be available by April of 2017, but I'll keep you updated!