Updates Galore!

The process of removing Runic Awakening from Smashwords and its affiliates is complete. Runic Awakening is now free again on Kindle Unlimited!

In other news, I'm over a quarter done with the first draft for Hunter of Legends, the first book in a new fantasy series. I've already got Bookfly Design tapped to work on the book cover in November. I've put the fourth book in the Runic series on hold for a short time to focus on Hunter of Legends, and will be back to working on the Runic series in a few months.

The Audiobook for Runic Awakening has passed QA testing and is headed to retail. My guess is it should be available on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon within the next few days. I'll post a blog entry when it is, and a Facebook post as well. Nick Cracknell, the narrator for Runic Awakening, is already working on Runic Revelation.

As always, I'll keep you up to date!