Traditionally Publishing?

As an indie author, I’ve self-published seven books so far, spanning two fantasy series.

After doing so - and learning from my mistakes as I went - I’ve become very comfortable with self-publishing and am becoming more adept at marketing my books with time and practice. While the first book I published took me two weeks to format for print and ebook, for example, now it takes me about an hour or two. So publishing my newest book series myself would be quick and painless.

But we writers are masochists by nature, and I prefer to be uncomfortable!

Therefore, I’ve decided to see if I can publish my next novel traditionally. I’ve queried a few agents, which requires a whole new skillset. The ability to sales-pitch professionals within the industry is something I’m trying to develop. A new adventure into the unknown!

Naturally, if no agents or publishers pick it up, I’ll go the indie route again. In the meantime, I’m hard at work at the sequel, as well as a science fiction novel.

I’ll keep you posted!