I am the author of three epic fantasy series: the Runic series, the Fate of Legend series, and the Magic of Havenwood series! Check out my books below, or read my blog. Or if you’d like to contact me, click here!

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The Magic of Havenwood Series

The Magic of Havenwood series is an epic fantasy series where the magical arts are just that. Painters, writers, musicians, sculptors, and actors wield magic unique to their professions, making them the most powerful people in the world.

As usual, all of the books in the series will be available for purchase on Kindle, paperback, or free on Kindle Unlimited!

Book 1 Excerpt


Book 1 - The Magic Collector

Bella was sixteen when she discovered the truth:  for the last decade, she’d been lost in a book.

 The neighborhood she’d lived in had been a fiction, as had her neighbors, her school, and her friends. All characters and places in a magical book that she and her grandfather had lost themselves in, to escape a murderous villain calling himself the Collector. A man whose bounty hunters have been scouring a huge library, searching book after book to find Bella. The man who'd murdered Bella's mother.

 Freed from the book at last, Bella discovers that in the real world, artists carry great power. And that she is a Painter, able to paint anything she wants and literally pull it free from the canvas, bringing it to life.

Now she must use her powers to fight back against the Collector, and save herself - and avenge her family - once and for all!


Kindle - $2.99 - On sale, 40% off!

Paperback - $12.99

The Fate of Legends Series

The Fate of Legends series is a contemporary adult epic fantasy series set in a world where everything about a person - their looks, their personality, their skills - is contagious. In a world where you can absorb the traits and skills of history's most powerful men and women, a hunter of Legends will become the most powerful of all!

Book 1 Excerpt -- Book 2 Excerpt -- Book 3 Excerpt

When Hunter’s mother vanishes through an ancient portal while on an archaeological expedition, Hunter risks everything to go after her and bring her back…and finds himself transported to a mysterious kingdom. A kingdom ruled by a Legend called Tykus, a long-dead king whose all-powerful will allows him to resurrect himself by possessing the bodies of weaker-willed men.

Hunter soon realizes that he too possesses a powerful will…one that can change anyone around him, making them more like him. And he has the power to absorb the skills of others merely through contact with their possessions. These abilities make Hunter a threat to King Tykus…and he soon realizes that everyone around him is conspiring against him, trying to neutralize him before he realizes the true extent of his power!

Now Hunter must use his incredible abilities to become a master swordsman, so that he can find his mother and return to Earth. If he fails, King Tykus will surely kill him…or worse, possess his body and destroy his soul!

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Kindle - $2.99

Paperback - $11.99


Book 2 - Seeker of Legends

Betrayed by Duke Dominus and the treacherous Guild of Seekers, everyone Hunter loves is dead, murdered in cold blood. He is left alone, struggling to survive in a cruel wilderness filled with dangerous magic.

Now Hunter is going to get his revenge. He’s going to kill them all…and he’ll stop at nothing to do it. He’ll become the greatest Seeker that has ever lived, so powerful that no one will be able to stop him.

The only way to do that is to absorb the personalities and skills of Legends, the most powerful men and women who’ve ever lived. He will become a Seeker of Legends…even if it means losing a part of who his is. Even if it means becoming someone else!

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Paperback - $11.99

Infected by the powerful will of the Legend Zagamar, Hunter must stop the ancient being from taking over his body...and his soul. Only the power of the Deep can save him now.

But unbeknownst to Hunter, something sinister has escaped the Crypt of Zagamar. For the Guild of Seekers has achieved their final mission: to carry out the resurrection of Zagamar himself!

Transformed by his terrible power, a dark horde of vicious, ravenous beasts has risen, leaving devastation in its wake...and threatening the very existence of humanity and Ironclad alike.Now, Hunter must ally with his sworn enemies, and humans and Ironclad must band together to stop the dark army threatening to destroy their world.

If they fail, the kingdom of Tykus will fall, and everyone Hunter loves will be destroyed!


Kindle - $5.99

Paperback - $10.99

The Runic Series

The Runic series is a contemporary epic fantasy series set in the world of Doma, where magical engineers called Runics create machines of enormous power. They are equaled only by the Weavers, who can manipulate the very fabric of the universe with their minds.

All three books are available for purchase on Kindle below. Or get them free on Kindle Unlimited!

Book 1 Excerpt -- Book 2 Excerpt -- Book 3 Excerpt -- Book 4 Excerpt



Book 1 - Runic Awakening

Torn from his home on Earth by an unknown power, Kyle finds himself stranded on a strange world. A world where magical engineers called Runics have created the Empire, the greatest civilization ever known.

Taken under the wing of a wealthy politician named Kalibar, Kyle is thrust into a dark conspiracy to overthrow the Empire...and murder Kalibar. Hunted by a sadistic undead overlord called the Dead Man, Kyle must learn to master the power of magical runes to keep Kalibar alive...and to save Ariana, a brave, mysterious girl whose powers the Dead Man plans to exploit.

If Kyle fails, the Empire will fall...and he'll be trapped in this strange world forever!

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Kindle - $2.99

Paperback - $9.99

Audible - Free with 30-day trial


Book 2 - Runic Revelation

A week has passed since the Empire was nearly destroyed by the dark god Xanos. Now the leader of the most powerful government in the world, Kalibar must protect his people against Xanos’s undead army. But when an assassin nearly succeeds in murdering Kalibar, he realizes that the Empire stands little chance against Xanos’s enormous power.

With terrorists attacking the city and systematically murdering members of the highest levels of government, Kalibar must find a way to protect his country – and his new family – from an enemy he cannot begin to understand. If he fails, the Empire will be utterly destroyed…and millions of innocent people will perish!

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Kindle - $3.99

Paperback - $10.99

Audible - Free with 30-day trial

Book 3 - Runic Vengeance

Having barely survived the dark god Xanos’s devastating attack on the Empire, Grand Weaver Kalibar knows all too well that another assault is coming...and that this time, the Empire will not survive. Now he is forced to make a terrible decision...does he surrender to Xanos, enslaving his people to the will of the dark god? Or will he fight one last time, risking the annihilation of his people...and the death of his children?

Unknown to Kalibar, the mysterious immortal known as Ampir has given Kyle a that just might be able to destroy Xanos once and for all. But there’s a catch...Kyle must sacrifice his own life to use it. Now he must make a terrible decision...sacrifice himself to save his family, or take Ampir’s offer to return to his home on Earth, never to return again!

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Kindle - $4.99

Paperback - $13.99

Audible - Free with 30-day trial


Book 4 - Runic Revolt

After defeating the evil god Xanos, Kyle, Ariana, and Kalibar finally get a chance to relax. The Empire is at peace, and Kyle falls back into his usual routine, learning how to invent magical machines.

But when Kyle, Ariana, and Petra are sent to a mysterious island to study ancient magical artifacts, they are thrust into a dark conspiracy to sow chaos in the Empire. The king of Verhan has died, and the vicious, scheming Lady Damia is dead-set on winning the crown. She’ll stop at nothing to become Queen of Verhan...even if it means attacking the children of Grand Weaver Kalibar!

Now Kyle, Ariana, and Petra must fight for their lives, and stop Lady Damia from succeeding in her ultimate mission: to defeat Grand Weaver Kalibar...and destroy the Empire once and for all!


Kindle - $4.99

Paperback - $10.99

Books in Progress…

I’m currently working on the sequel to The Magic Collector. My progress is below!


Magic of Havenwood series, Book 2 - The Lost Gemini

To be completed (hopefully) by end of 2019!